Zwitch mini sport systems


Zwitch mini-pitches are designed for several major sports including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and roller hockey.

The provision of good quality sports facilities is a vital factor in youth development for all sports disciplines worldwide. Each Zwitch concept provides a good and sustainable environment as an integral facility of a community where children meet and a common language can be spoken; regardless of differences in culture and background. The facility is safe, encourages participation and gives children the possibility to enjoy and experience sport.

Football and Basketball
Volleyball and Tennis
Hockey and Skating

ZWITCH without limits

Zwitch can be supplied in standard dimensions 20x13m, 30x15m and 40x20m or tailored into an individual design according to the available area and the local surroundings. Each facility can be equipped with safety nets on the goal sides, all around or even with a roof net construction. The equipment can be adapted to each kind of sports or to individual wishes. No matter what size or what sport, each facility provides a solid construction made of durable materials that are not dangerous or harmful.